What’s New About The New 695XL?

PID306-IMGID427-o.pngICS released the new 695XL last fall and people are loving it!

The new 695XL features include an easy to start engine with higher energy ignition system and durable, long-lasting components including a new muffler, carburetor and piston & cylinder.  It is available with 12-inch – 16-inch guidebars and the entire line of MAX, ProForce and PowerGrit series diamond chains.

  • Use on concrete, stone, masonry, ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe and moreDeep-Cutting_106x200
  • Most versatile gas-powered saw
  • New piston and cylinder lowers engine temperature
  • Longer life muffler with reinforced internal baffle
  • Easy-to-start with higher energy ignition system
  • New easy-to-tune carburetor

The versatile 695XL Powerheads can interchange Drive Sprockets by switching out Sprockets, Guide Bars, and Chains so you can use your saw in multiple applications…

Concrete CuttingSquare-Corners_136x124

  • Cuts square with no overcuts
  • Cuts deeper than other methods

Ductile Iron

Rotational kickback? History. ICS puts safety first, with designs that give you more control, produce zero rotational kickback, and create virtually no debris or dust.

  • Cut all the way through pipe from one sideConventional-Method-NO_150x98
  • Work in trenches and other confined spaces
  • Cut through a wide range of hard materials



Eliet Shredders

What makes Eliet Shredders so much better?  The Chopping Principle!

Eliet has developed a unique shredder system that cuts with the grain of the wood rather than against it.  Imagine trying to chop wood – would you try to chop it from the side or at the end…at the end right?  This is exactly how Eliet shredders work.

Using this principle makes it easier for the machine to chop wood so, it can get more done with less power.  This results in less fuel consumption and less noise and allows Eliet to make their shredders more compact and much lighter.

The blade system makes thousands of chopping movements every minute and can also cut all kinds of leafy and damp green waste with ease.  These chips favor rapid decomposition which can help your composting system work better.

Check out the video below to see how these amazing machines work!

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